Cash transactions

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Bank transactions are recorded the cashbook. The cashbook consists of a Bank account created in Accounts (Action ribbon) and linked to its own Payments and Receipts journal. The transactions are manually entered and processed in the following journals:

Receipts journals - receipts and deposit slips and credits on the bank statements such as interest received, monies paid directly into your bank account.

Create receipts:

F9:Process - Create receipts - You may print a receipt and generate a transaction into the receipts journal.

Receive payment option on Open item link - Allows you to print a receipt / payment advice and directly update (post) the receipts journal with the transaction.

F9:Process - Automatic receipts option.

Payments journals - checks or other payment source documents, debits on the bank statements such as bank charges, withdrawals, etc.  

Automatic payments:

F9:Process - Vendors at date - You may import the vendor accounts with balances as at a selected date. Once these transactions are imported into the payments journal, you may edit the amounts and delete those you do not wish to pay at that stage, if necessary.

F9:Process - Automatic payments option.

Once this is done you need to reconcile the bank account in Action → Reconciliation with the bank statement.  

Bank import plugin - Manual 1 -Manual 2 - Shop - Once-off license -

The Bankimport plugin will import bank transactions and save you hours of data entry. You can simply link transactions to your customers, vendors or other accounts. And with a simple mouse click link the payments to the right invoices. Needs to be activated on the Setup ribbon, select Setup System Parameters.

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