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The Calendar report allows you to print the categories of events (i.e. Appointments, Customer Appointments, Vendor Appointments and Hours) scheduled in the Calendar (Planner).

Multi-User calendar (agenda) - Manual - Shop - Once-off license -

This plugin adds the multi-user agenda (multiple agendas) to the Calendar (Planner). You can add agendas and link them as default to the current user. For every agenda a tab will appear in the agenda Calendar so you can see what the appointments, etc. are on other agendas. You can have a agenda for each employee, salesperson, user, etc. and create invoices directly from his / her agenda with a simple click. Each agenda has it's own calendar and task list.

To print Calendar - Hours reports:

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Calendar.

2.Select the period on the Per period tab. You may click on the Free selection tab to select a specific date or a range of dates.

3.Select the the following options:

a)Agenda - Select to include the general events (e.g. meetings, appointments, etc.).  

b)Customer appointment - Select to include the appointments for customer accounts. All appointments are also listed in the Appointments tab - Action →Customer .

c)Vendor appointment - Select to include the appointments for vendor accounts. All appointments are also listed in the Appointments tab - Action →Vendor .

d)Hours - Select to include the appointments for the hours event category. The are scheduled appointments for which estimates are generated and confirmed to invoices.  

4.Click on the OK button.

An example of the Calendar (all events) report, is as follows:

The colors for the events are as follows:

Appointment (general - i.e. with bank manager, lunches, etc.)

Repeating invoices - schedule when you need to copy / process repeating invoices.

Customers Appointment - schedule up to six (6) categories of appointments with customers. You may also create invoices for these customer appointments.

Vendors Appointment - schedule appointments with vendors.

Hours - schedule the hours (time) to invoice customers. Once these are set you may generate Estimates for the hours. Once these Estimates are generated, you may edit them (if necessary) and convert them to Invoices.

Repeating invoices are not included in this report.

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