Any other reports that are under construction. Users may add their own reports in the "...\plug_ins\reports\userreports" folder. 

You may add your own reports created with the Report designer

To access the User reports menu: 

Click on the Reports ribbon and select User reports. A list of the three (3) reports or groups of reports will be listed. 


The following user reports are included in TurboCASH5:

1.Custom reports – This is custom sales and purchase reports.

a)2cred-sku-det - Lists the Purchase and Supplier return documents for a selected creditor (supplier). 

b)2deb-sku-det - Lists the Invoice and Credit note documents for a selected debtor (customer / client).

2.Tutorial reports - These are simple debtor listing and creditor listing reports added with Reportman. 

3.VAT/GST/Sales tax – List the Tax type accounts and the tax rates which is added / edited in Accounts (Action ribbon).