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Tuesday, 28 December 2021 - 17:58:56 

TurboCASH5.2 Business Class

After years of development and support of TurboCASH, we came to the conclusion that pure open source development does not give us the best software. By combining proprietary components we get better code. We have thus introduced TurbOCASH 5-2 as a "subscription offering".

TurboCASH is free to use, but if you want more out of your software then "TurboCASH 5.2 Business Class" is the version you want to use.

If you have less then 500 transactions / documents you can use this version free of charge. Above that we ask you for a subscription of 60 dollars per year.

If you have any subscription already like multi-user or retail POS, etc., the licence will also be included.

Included in the registered version of TurboCASH 5.2 - Business Class: 

1.TurboCASH5-2 Subscription - Process unlimited (more than 500) transactions and documents.

2.Bank import - Using this Bank Import Plug-in, you may import a valid bank statement file (downloaded from your online banking) saved on your system into a Bank Account (Cash-book).

This Bank Import Plugin will save you time, since you do not need to physically enter the transactions manually in the Payments Journal and Receipts Journal.

This plug-in uses Bank references to automatically allocate or link payments and deposits, receipts, other debits. credits, etc. to the correct accounts. 

Documentation : osFinancials website - Bank import plugin
Documentation : osFinancials website - Bank Reconciliations Plugin

3. Multi-workstation - Do you want to use osFinancials5 or TurboCASH5.2 with multiple users at the same time? That is possible with the Multi-workstation plugin. The number of users is unlimited, as long as the hardware sustains. To use the Multi-workstation a network with a shared folder is required. 

Documentation : TurboCASH website - Multi User Installation  -  
Documentation : osFinancials website - osFinancials / TurboCASH multi user setup - Windows server 
Documentation : osFinancials website - Multi Werkplek (linux server) Plugin - Linux server (Dutch only) 

4. Document E-mail Pro - With this plugin you can email your documents (invoices or quote). Each email you sent can get a different layout. For example: an invoice gets a different layout from a quote. You can create the email layout yourself. For that reason you decide what kind of email you will send.
It is also possible to send multiple examples of you documents at once. Therefore the document layout and email layout of the documents you want to send have to be the same.

It's even possible to send multiple document at the same time. Therefore the documents must be the same type (i.e. quote or invoice).

Documentation : osFinancials website - Document email pro plugin

5. Multimedia Pack - The multimedia plug-in is a versatile product. You can link files in different forms of osFinancials.

Examples are debtor, creditor, stock items and document groups.  You can link a image to stock items or debtors but also link signed and scanned documents to debtors.

If you also have the email pro email send will also be linked to the document that was send and the debtor. This makes finding that email to the client with great ease. The outlook link plugin can scan true your outlook in and out box to see if there is email that uses the clients email address. If so it copies the email to the multimedia of that debtor / creditor.

Documentation : osFinancials website - Multimedia plugin

Bulk time entries - See video on Bulk time entries   

Bulk time entries may be added for selected debtors (customers / clients) accounts. For example, if a debtor (customer / client) books a training course or workshop for a week, you may schedule the appointments for every day of the week. 

These bulk time entries will add the multiple appointments for a selected debtor (customer / client) account to the calendar as hours type events for selected dates and time slots.   

Quotes can be created for these events. These quotes can be edited, if necessary and sent to the debtor (customer / client). 

Once these appointments are completed, you may convert the quotes to invoices. 

Spreadsheet reports TurboCASH5 ( and the power of Spreadsheets 

 - Spreadsheet sales (Default ribbon) 

 - Spreadsheet reports (Reports ribbon) - See video on Spreadsheet reports

Spreadsheet Export / Import - See video on Improved Export/Import

The Spreadsheet Export / Import spreadsheet feature allows to easily export data into spreadsheets, edit the data and import it. 

Excel Export / Import is available in the following options:

Setup ribbon: 

Setup Accounts.

Setup Groups 

Import Accounts, Import Debtors/Creditors, Import Stock 

Default ribbon 

Batch entry (all batches) 

Edit Repeating transactions

Stock (Import / Export tab)

Documents - Context menu - Documents Spreadsheet import

Ledger analyser 1 and Ledger analyser 2

Zoom in / Zoom out + / - buttons added to resize (increase / decrease the font) the reports (i.e. Trial balance, Balance sheet and Income statement) on screen. This Zoom feature is similar to that in Spreadsheets.

Pivot - View, filter and analyse your report on screen, view graphs, customise datasets and types of graphs.

SBR view - Add SBR references for accounts and reporting groups in Setup → Accounts. Once the references are set, and generate reports on screen, click on the SBR view button, check, filter and copy to clipboard. Open your spreadsheet program, and copy the contents into your spreadsheet, save the data, etc.   

Documents - Graph 

Click on the Graph button to view the documents in a graph. Use the filter options on the Documents list screen, to view graphs for specific filtered results in documents. 

See video on Themes. The values for the themes are set in the colors.ini file in the themes folder. The Material theme (based of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) icons is included in TurboCASH5.2 (Build 363)

 Age analysis See video on new age analysis reporting and open item. 

View and choose options for the new Age analysis report on screen and print it on the Reports ribbon and on the Open Item - Due tab (Default ribbon). 

TurboCASH5.2 Publications

In TurboCASH5.2, you need to click on the Browse icon and select the Sets of Books tutorials, to follow these tutorials.

The following tutorials are available as a download at SourceForge.  

Accounting Made Easy - English tutorials

English tutorials (using the default payments and receipt batches for banking / cash transactions):

The following Set of Books based on this tutorial, are installed in the “…\Bin\Tutorials\EN-TUTORIALS\” folder:

HANDYMAN (No transactions)

HANDYMAN-A (Unposted)


The following folders contains files which may be imported into batches:

EXPORTED-BATCH-Delimited-File – Exported batch transactions using the “Write delimited file” option and may be imported into a batch using the “Delimited file import” option (F9:Process icon) on batches.  

EXPORTED-BATCH-Spreadsheets – Exported batch transactions in the *.xlsx (Excel 2007-365) file format. These transaction files may be opened in the Spreadsheet import icon on batches, and imported into a selected batch. 

Accounting Made Easy – BankImport Plugin - English tutorials

English tutorials (using the BankImport plugin for banking / cash transactions):

The following Set of Books based on this tutorial, are installed in the “…\Bin\Tutorials\BANK-IMPORT\” folder:

HANDY-BANK (No transactions).

HANDY-BANK-A (Unposted transactions in batches and documents, except the Payments and Receipt batches, which is cleared for the Bank account and the Petty cash).

HANDY-BANK-B (Posted transactions in batches and documents, including the imported bank statement and processed Petty cash transactions).

HANDY-BANK-UNPOSTED-BANK-STATEMENT – All transactions in batches and documents have been posted. The sample Bank statement in the “…\Bin\Tutorials\BANK-IMPORT\BANK-STATEMENTS” folder needs to be imported and Petty cash transactions needs to be processed).

Rekeningkunde Met Gemak – Afrikaanse handleiding

The following Set of Books based on the Afrikaans tutorial, are installed in the “…\Bin\Tutorials\AF-HANDLEIDINGS\” folder.

NUTSMAN (No transactions).

NUTSMAN-A (Unposted)

NUTSMAN-B (Posted).


Cost centres

The following Set of Books to configure and process transactions in batches and documents for cost centres and the reporting, are installed in the “…\Bin\Tutorials\COST-CENTRES\” folder:

COST-CENTRES-A - Unposted - All transactions in batches and documents is not yet posted (updated) to the ledger.

COST-CENTRES-B - Posted All transactions in batches and documents is posted (updated) to the ledger.


The following Set of Books to configure and process transactions in batches and documents for projects and the reporting, are installed in the “…\Bin\Tutorials\PROJECTS\” folder:

PROJECTS-A - Unposted - All transactions in batches and documents is not yet posted (updated) to the ledger.

PROJECTS-B - Posted - All transactions in batches and documents is posted (updated) to the ledger.