If you need to uninstall TurboCASH5, go to the Start button on your Windows Taskbar and select the TurboCASH5 Start Menu folder:


Click on the Uninstall TurboCASH5 option.


Click on the Yes button to uninstall TurboCASH5. 

Wait for the process to complete. Once finished, the following information screen is displayed. 


Click on the OK button. 

Once the Uninstall process is finished, you need to use File Explorer or your system's default file browser to select the TCASH5 (or other installation directory). 


You need to use Windows Explorer or your system's default file browser to delete the TCASH5 (or other installation directory).

The following files need to be removed manually:


DataTmp (empty folder)

tmp (empty folder)

The files which have been created by the user after the original installation, will not be deleted or removed. Some examples are:

Backup folder - Backups of Sets of Books

books folder - Any Sets of Books created, copied, saved, etc.

Bin/Themes - Any changes to themes (e.g. background pictures, icons, etc.).

plug_ins/reports/ - any reports added after the original installation, etc.

Registration.ini file - Only if you have registered this version of TurboCASH.