Bug History

http://sourceforge.net/p/turbocash/bugs/432/ #432 Backup create exe message – "Process cancelled by the user!

http://sourceforge.net/p/turbocash/bugs/430/ #430 Backup / Restore to Executable exe file.

http://sourceforge.net/p/turbocash/bugs/451/ #451 Uni dump Input / Output error 

Uni dump Input / Output error – Error produces a blank SQL file.

Backup from – does not display the path - Probably need to be stretched.  

TurboCASH5 Backup creates an executable file or a Compressed zip file. These files will be displayed as an icon in the selected folder in which a file is backed up. 

In addition to restore a Set of Books on the Backup / Restore option, you may also restore a Set of Books from the tcBackup.exe or tcBackup.zip files on your system. 

These Backup files may be created on your system with the Backup option of TurboCASH or if you have downloaded a backup file from the Web or have received them via e-mail.

There are two (2) options to restore a Set of Books from the Executable Backup File, i.e.:

1.Restore a Set of Books using the Backup / Restore option - RECOMMENDED.

2.Double-click on the TurboCASH5 Backup File - NOT RECOMMENDED

To restore a Set of Books from the TurboCASH5 Backup file:

1.Locate the Backup file turbocash-backup-file-icon on your system. 

Use Backup / Restore (Start ribbon) - Restore option to select the Backup file.

Please make sure that you have selected the correct backup file . You may need to check the file - name and the time stamp ("date and time") of the TurboCASH5 Backup file. If the incorrect backup file is selected, you may reset the Set of Books with the incorrect  TurboCASH5 Backup file


2.Check the path of the "TurboCASH5 Backup file".

3.Do not click on the OK button. Click on the Close screens-close button on the top right-hand corner of the title bar on the "TurboCASH5 Backup file" screen. You need to select this "TurboCASH5 Backup file" in the  Backup / Restore - Restore (Start ribbon) option to select the Backup file.

Use Backup / Restore (Start ribbon) - Restore option to select the Backup file.

Do not click on the OK button of the TurboCASH5 Backup file (opened using the File Browser) to restore the Set of Books. It will add a TCASH5 (name of your installation folder) inside the Set of Books. This will increase the size of future backups. 


4.Once the process is finished, you may open the restored Set of Books.