Stock item listing - Tax classes - Displays a list of the Tax classes as well as the accounts linked to each of the Tax class (added / edited in the Tax classes tab on Stock information - Setup ribbon).

When creating or editing stock items, the Tax classes you may select a Tax class to automatically link the set of five (5) accounts (linked to the Ledger tab of Stock items (Action ribbon)) for a selected stock item. 

When a stock item is linked to a tax class, it will disable the Lookup button on the Ledger tab of the Stock items screen (Action ribbon) for a selected stock item. It will automatically set the Input and Output Tax, Sales, Cost of sales and Stock control account fields without having to select them for each stock item.   

Report options 

To print Stock item listing - Tax classes reports

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Stock → Stock item listing

2.Select "Tax classes" report. 


3.Select the Sequence (i.e. ID (record Id) or description) for the sequence to list the tax classes.

4.Click on the OK button. 

Printed example : Tax classes

An example of the Stock item listing - "Tax class - Listing" report, is as follows: