Reorder report - Displays the only those stock items which are due to order.

Report options

To print Reorder reports

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Stock → Reorder report

2.Select "Reorder report". 


3.Select the following: 

a)From... To... - Select the stock code(s) to include in the report. 

b)Reporting group 1 - This is optional and by default not selected (not ticked). You may select (tick) the reporting group(s) to include in the report. 

c)Sequence - Select "Stock code or Stock description" to sort the order in which you need to print the data.

d)Show details - By default, this option is not selected. It will display the reorder quantities. If this option is selected, it will display the details for each stock item.  

4.Click on the OK button. 

Printed example : Reorder report

An example of the "Reorder report" (no details), is as follows:


Printed example : Reorder report : Show details

An example of the "Reorder report" ("Show details"), is as follows: