You may print the following two (2) barcodes for stock items. 

1.Barcode - Displays the stock code and stock description and the barcode. 

2.Yagoda barcode - Displays the stock code, stock description and barcode as well as the selling price (exclusive of Tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax)). 

Report options

To print Barcodes for Stock items: 

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Stock → Print labels

2.Select the "Barcode" (default) or "Yagoda barcode".


3.Select the following:

a)From... To... - Select the stock code(s) to print barcodes for. 

b)Sequence - Select "Stock code or Stock description" to sort the order in which you need to print the labels.

c)Reporting group 1 - This is optional and by default not selected (not ticked). You may select (tick) the reporting group(s) to include in the report. 

4.Click on the OK button. 

Printed example : Barcode

An example of the "Barcode", is as follows:


Printed example : Yagoda barcode

An example of the "Yagoda barcode", is as follows: