To Start TurboCASH5:

1.To start TurboCASH, double click on the turbocash5-icon icon created for you on your Desktop.

Or select TurboCASH on the Start menu - All apps (Programs) → TurboCASH5 → TurboCASH5.

Pin TurboCASH5 to the Quick access area (Windows 10):


After installation, you may need to add the TurboCASH to the Quick access area of the Start button. 

The TurboCASH5 icon should be displayed as Recently added. You may simply drag it to the Quick access area of the Start button.

If not displayed, click on All Apps and select TurboCASH5 on the list. You may drag TurboCASH5 to Start or select Pin to Start. 

You may also select to add TurboCASH5 to the taskbar (Pin to taskbar). 

The following screen will display a progress indicator.


2.The TurboCASH program will be launched. 

3.Once you have opened TurboCASH, the Start ribbon tab is displayed.

4.Click on the Reports ribbon to load the reports.  

At first only the items under the Start ribbon tab are available. Before you can select any of the other ribbon tabs or ribbon options, you will need to “Open a Set of Books” (Click on Open on the Start ribbon).