You may set or change the language file for a Set of Books. When opening a Set of Books, it will automatically load the language file. All screens, reports and layout files are translatable via the language files.

You may also set the language file for each user. When a user Open a Set of Books, the Set of Books will automatically be opened in the language set for that user. 

See - Sets of Books linked to language files in the Repository

Depending on your choice of the country and language on the "Select country and language" screen; when you have installed TurboCASH5, one or more Set of Books for the specific country and language will be installed. 

The Open Set of Books screen will list only those Set of Books which is installed. These installed Sets of Books us stored in the "... / books" folder of your TurboCASH5 installation. 

If the Chart of accounts and / or correct language, is not installed, you may Browse and open a Set of Books in the "... / bin / Repository" folder that is more suitable for your requirements. 

To set a language for a Set of Books:

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Access control.  


2.System lang - The default language will be displayed in this field. You may set another language for the Set of Books. The selected language will be displayed every time the Set of Books is opened.   

3.Language - This option is used for the Multi-language Set of Books. If languages were added in the Groups - Languages (Setup ribbon) will be available.

Multi-Language accounts - Manual - Shop - Once-off license -

This plugin makes it possible to translate the ledger and group names in multiple languages. It is already possible to choose different languages for the interface (the buttons). But this plugin makes it possible to do the accounting in different languages. Per user you can select a language, so the user can account in his/her own language. The set of books can be viewed in different languages, therefore it is possible an employee enters information into an English Set of Books and a bookkeeper, auditor, etc. can see the set of books in a set language, e.g. Afrikaans, Dutch, etc.

4.Click on the Apply button to save the changes for this user.

5.Once finished, click on the Close button to exit the "Access control" screen.