To make it easier to introduce Reportman and to get started with editing customising document layout files, we start with a practice task. The Data structures and complex stuff will be added at the end of this Document for reference purposes.

It is not necessary to use parameters for reports, but it is useful in the case of document layout files. 

The first step is to understand the ease of use of the Reportman interface and configuring Reportman. To do this, we have created a TestInvoice.rep in the latest update. 

Follow these easy steps to explore and see the Reportman:

1.Once the "Report man" screen is opened (default DOCUMENTS/DOCUMENTS), select the TestInvoice.rep in the list of Documents. 

2.Click on the Explorer folder button. 

3.Copy the TestInvoice.rep (in the File Explorer folder) and rename it to MyInvoice.rep.  

4.Click on the Refresh button and select the MyInvoice.rep. You may double-click (or click on the Edit button) to open the Invoice in the "Report manager designer" screen.