Once you have selected a section of the report, where you need to add data, click on the Data tab. It will list all your datasets and variables. Select a dataset (in this example the DOCUMENTHEAD dataset is selected). The dataset consists of various datafields or columns.  After each database field, the properties (i.e. Data type and Database field length) is displayed. 


There are  two (2) basic steps to add database fields or expression objects to the report (i.e. drag and drop or manually adding expression objects). These are: 

1.Dragging and Dropping fields – After testing datasets and connections, you can select a database field, drag and drop it easily to report sections. This will add an expression object to the report.  

2.Manually Adding Expressions – Should you need to build an expression consisting of more than one database field, and need one condition, for example (IIF(condition,Value is true,Value is false), etc., you need to click on the icon on the icon toolbar.  

This will launch the "Dialog" screen, with a basic default expression (i.e. 2+2). When you click on the Show data button it will return a result of 4.

On this "Dialog" screen, you may add values (Operation) for the various Categories (i.e. Database fields, Functions, Variables, Constants and Operators) to define an expression object.