Context sensitive (F1) Help file EngHelp.chm updated 

Decrease the downloadable file from about 148 MB to 134 MB Help file downsized from 28 MB to 14 MB 

Replaced almost all the screens the screens with Windows 10 screenshots and more topics added. 

Also replicated and made fixes where necessary for Windows 10. 

Updated reports are all included in the Help file. 

Online Help file also updated. 

Need to work more on documenting the following:

Open item processing

Stock – Linked item / Linked sale

Stock – Option items


and editing topics in general 

Classic-large theme added 

Classic-large theme is implemented in TurboCASH5 (Build 889) and later. This theme colours and fonts, etc. displays data and some screens larger – for use on larger screens.  

Sets of Books in Install Added / Fixed 


EN-US-CALIORNIA-1 not included in the American install 


CANADA installs the USA and UK Books added the EN-CANADA-CORPORATION and EN-CANADA-OTHER sets of books to the Canada install. 

Removed Convert TurboCASH3 to TurboCASH5 Desktop icon from install 

The Conversion creates a Desktop icon when installing TurboCASH5. This option is hardly used by existing and new users of TurboCASH. The Conversion - Convert TurboCASH3 to TurboCASH5 can still be launched using the following options:

Launch option finishing the Installation of TurboCASH5.

Creation Wizard – F10 – Create Set of Books on Start ribbon. 

Open the Conversion.exe file from the root of the TurboCASH5 installation directory.  

Commented (disabled) the following script in the InnoSetup (*.iss) file.  

All sections

;Name: {userdesktop}\Convert TC 3 books;  Filename: {app}\Conversion.exe; Tasks: desktopicon ; WorkingDir: {app}

Icons section

;Name: {group}\Convert tc3 books; Filename: {app}\Conversion.exe ;WorkingDir: {app}

Added message to install files Innoscript not In Program folders

NOTE: Please do not select any Program folders! 

In sections of the Innoscript language files .iss

; *** "Select Destination Location" wizard page 

; *** "Select Start Menu Folder" wizard page  

Install TurboCASH sections - added this as a Note or Warning in AME and Help ("Don't install to Program Files?")

If TurboCASH is installed into the Programs directories (folders) (i.e.  Program Files, Program Files (x86) or Program Data folders), it may not run properly. It may cause issues to launch TurboCASH, connection and performance issues with Firebird and FlameRobin, etc. The Program directories is a protected  directories of the Windows system.  

NOTE: - DO NOT Install in PROGRAM (Program Files, Program Files (x86) or Program Data) folders. 

Fixed Select your county and Language 

Changed to Select your country and language on the first screen of the installation wizard. In sections of the Innoscript language files .iss.

Sets of Books opens in incorrect language 

Languages not set in the Access control on the Setup ribbon, opens in af-Afrikaans or English language file. 

ESTONIAN - Linked Estonian books (ET-ESTONIAN-2X and ET-ESTONIAN-3X to et-Estonian language file. 

Tray icon changed from Name of Books to TurboCASH5Embedded - Build969 

The mouse over in the Tray icon, displayed the name of the Set of Books (as entered in the Company info screen on Setup ribbon) in TurboCASH5 (Build 889 and earlier). 

In TurboCASH5 Build 969, it displays TurboCASH5Embedded.    

Fixed TurboCASH5Enbedded label in Language files (LabelID 3103) added a space before Embedded to display TurboCASH5 Embedded. 

Changed Embedded to Single user in all language files

This is also displayed on the Titlebar of the TurboCASH program.

Taskbar – mouse-over - preview changed in Build 969 

In TuboCASH5 Build 889 displays the program. In TuboCASH5 Build 969 it displays the last active screen, e.g. Language (Start → Switch language)

This is a feature in Windows 10 and is replicated in all other programs and applications. 

Added / Changed  labels

Changed / Added Reports

906143 - Balances detail history – Balances detail history (open item) 

Added – Labels for new reports based on the open item reports (906143) 

906551 - Creditor remittance advise - Outstanding - Remittance advise 

906552 - Debtor statement – Outstanding

906553 - Creditor with tax id used in Reports → Tax 

Other labels changed

906051 - Log on report Title for the Log report launched from Log report button on access control. 

3103 - Fixed TurboCASH5Embedded label in Language files Added a space before Embedded and changed Embedded to Single user in all language files

Types on Customise languages 

Fixed and tidied the Group names (Groups on the Setup ribbon) in all databases (Sets of Books) in the Repository and TUTORIALS folders. 

Changed the descriptions of Document types to the singular format – This will solve the document type on layout files when printing the following documents - 

TurboCASH55 <@APPNAME@> <@APPURL@> Unify button on Customise languages <@APPNAME@>5 

Unify button – Customise Language (Tools → Customise language on Setup ribbon).

It is recommended that you do not click the Unify button.  

It will incorrectly change the following: 

<@APPNAME@> Fixed the language labels (+41) causing incorrect displays on screens and 

<@APPURL@> causing broken Internet links.

A list of affected language labels - See 962-APPNAME-APPURL-Language-Labels-Fixed.pdf can be downloaded from sourceforge.

TYPES Missing and Discontinued Colours records 

ADDED - Missing records Groups and Paper types in TYPES table 

Missing records in TYPES table – Databases (Sets of Books) created using the Advanced option in the Creation Wizard.

...\bin\templates\EMPTY.FDB used to create a Set of Books (Advanced)

Missing Groups – (Setup → Groups)








Cost centre 1



Cost centre 2





Missing Paper Types -  (Setup → Point-of-Sales - Printer tab (Setup ribbon))





Till slip



New plain


DELETED - Discontinued records - TC3 in Types table not used in TurboCASH5 

TC3 – Colours – Setup → Preferences → Colours – Not used in TC4 and TC5 




















Windows Default


Script sql files to create MySQL and Postgress databases updated 



Deleted Colours – Not used in TurboCASH 4 and TurboCASH 5 

INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (40, 'Classic', 4);

INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (41, 'Brilliant', 4);


INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (43, 'Keywest', 4);


INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (45, 'Windows Default', 4); 

Added Missing records 

INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (19, 'Delivery note', 1);

INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (56, 'New plain', 5);

Reconciliation of Records

 59 Old total records

- 6 Deleted records (Colours)

+ 1 Added record - Document types - (19, 'Delivey note', 1) 

+ 1 Added record - Paper types - (56, 'New plain', 5)

 55 Total records 

NOTE : Group - Workflow types (120, 'Workflow types', 2); not in Groups as the Workflow plugin is not activated. See HR-CROATIAN-CONTOH_INA,  LT-LITHUANIA and some other books (databases)

Osf Netherlands


Deleted Colours – Not used in TurboCASH 4 and TurboCASH 5

INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (40, 'Classic', 4);

INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (41, 'Brilliant', 4);


INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (43, 'Keywest', 4);


INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (45, 'Windows Default', 4); 

Added Missing records 

INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (56, 'New plain', 5);

Changed records 

INSERT INTO TYPES VALUES (1000, 'Projecten', 2); was Status 

Reconciliation of Records

 61 Old total records

- 6 Deleted records - Colours

+ 1 Added record - Paper type  (56, 'New plain', 5)

 56 Total records 

Quick menu 

Main context menu not available 

The context menu (Quick menu) for the TurboCASH5 program (i.e. the menus for Start, Action, Reports and Setup ribbons), is available from the right-click on the TurboCASH5 tray icon. To access the TurboCASH5 tray icon, click the < icon (Show hidden icons) section of the Windows operating system's Taskbar.  

This feature is available for all builds after build 600 (In build 600 the TurboCASH context menu (Quick menu) is accessible anywhere on the ribbons. 

Reports menu list not displayed 

Reports is not loaded when starting TurboCASH and opening a Set of Books. Reports are only loaded when you click on the Reports ribbon after the first Set of Books is opened. This speed-up the process of staring TurboCASH and open a Set of Books. This is available for the session in which TurboCASH is active.

Sometimes, when after opening the Set of Books, only the T-Ledger Analyser and Point-of-Sale reports menus are available. This means that the Reports (…\plug_ins\systemreports folder) is not yet launched.    

After launching TurboCASH, and open the first Set of Books, click on the Reports ribbon to load the reports. 

The reports will be loaded and then when the Reports is selected on the TurboCASH5 icon in the tray icon, the full Reports menu and sub-menus will be available.   

Exit TurboCASH - Information message missing 

When using the Exit TurboCASH option on the Start ribbon - the Information message is not displaying when closing TurboCASH with an open Set of Books. Replicated in Build 763 and later.

"TurboCASH would like to remind you that:
It is good practice to make regular backups and archive copies of your Sets of Books to prevent loss of data.
Do you wish to Close TurboCASH?"

In TurboCASH5, the message is only displayed when using the:

Close X icon on the program's titlebar, to exit TurboCASH  

Right-click on the TurboCASH5 icon in the Windows taskbar and click X Close window

NOTE: The Message is displayed in TurboCASH 4 (File → Exit TurboCASH)

If the AUTOBACKUP feature is enabled in the Tcash.ini file, the Auto backup does not automatically generate backup files. If the information message is displayed, when exit TurboCASH, the Auto-Backup generate backup files.

Program new features 

Remarks - stock items  in documents

You may also click on the + (before stock item code) to add a remark (additional information) for a stock item. 

This remark will also be printed before the comment (if added) on document layout files.

Still need to be added to: 

Search (Action ribbon) - Search - Investigator, the remarks is not searchable.  

F8: Copy - Copy the transactions and comments in documents – Remarks is not copied.

See - 

NOTE – Reverse posted document, the remarks and comments is included.