There are ten (10) buttons are used to manage records on the following screens:

Accounts (Action ribbon) 

Stock items (Multi-group) tab (Action ribbon).

Stock information - (Tax classes) tab (Setup ribbon).

Setup → Currencies (Setup ribbon).

These are:

1.record-button-first-record First - Go to the first record.

2.record-button-previous-record Previous - Go to the previous record.

3.record-button-next-record Next - Go to the next record.

4.record-button-last-record Last - Go to the last record.

5.record-button-add-record Add (insert) a new record.

6.record-button-delete-record Delete - (permanently remove) a record. Once you click on this button, the following confirmation screen is displayed: 


Make absolutely sure that the correct record before you click on the OK button. If it is not the correct record, click on the Cancel button and select the correct record.

7.record-button-activate-save-delete-buttons Activate - will activate the Save or Delete buttons.

8.record-button-save-record Save - (accept) the changes to a record. 

9.record-button-cancel-record Cancel - (reject) the changes to a record.

10.record-button-undo Undo - Undo the latest changes.