Some of the screens, themes and periods and tax percentages, for Projects, is not in line with the rest of the documentation. 

To check and illustrate the use of Projects in TurboCASH5, the following updated Tutorials Sets of Books are included in the ".../bin/Tutorials/PROJECTS" folder: Projects manual for TurboCASH5.2

1.PROJECTS-A - Includes unposted batches and documents. No budget figures is entered.

2.PROJECTS-B - Includes posted batches and documents. No budget figures is entered.

A Warning message will be displayed when opening these Tutorial Sets of Books in TurboCASH5:

"E-mail address per document Unregistered version! Please buy this plugin at and support the TurboCASH development"

These Tutorial Sets of Books can be opened in TurboCASH5 and is based on the Projects manual for TurboCASH5.2 ; which is available as a download at sourceforge. 

You may create Reporting groups for Projects. These Projects may be activated in batches and documents. 

You may select to process batch transactions and generate sales documents (i.e. Quotes, Invoices and Credit notes) as well as purchase documents (i.e. Orders, Purchases and Supplier returns) for projects. 

You may use the Calendar / Planner to schedule events (appointments) create quotes for hours and convert them to invoices. You may schedule events (appointments) for creditors (suppliers / vendors) as well as up to six (6) categories of appointments with your debtors (customers / clients).

Once the batches and / or documents are posted (updated to the ledger), you may generate reports for each Projects on the Sidebar of the Projects screen.

The use of Projects in TurboCASH5 is optional. By default Projects is not activated.