Once documents and / or batch transactions are processed, you may view, analyse, and print documents for a selected stock item. 

The Document groups tab will list all the posted as well as unposted sales documents (i.e. Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes) and purchase documents (i.e. Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders) for a selected stock item. 


The quote (“D000001”), which was created (processed) in the Project Quote tab (Projects on the Action ribbon), will also be listed. 

You may double-click on a selected document, to print the document. 

If the document is printed in the incorrect layout file, for example, a credit note is printed in the invoice layout file, open the selected document from the list. 

When the document is closed it will print in the correct layout file for the document type. 

Right-click on a selected document, and on the context menu, select the “Open document” option. The selected document entry screen will be displayed.

Open an unposted document

If the value in the "Posted" column is "0" the unposted "Document entry" screen will be opened.


You may still edit the unposted document, if required.

Open a posted document

If the value in the "Posted" column is "1" the posted "Document entry" screen will be opened.


In the posted document entry screen, the OK button and the processing icons is not displayed. 

Posted documents cannot be edited.

For example; it may happen sometimes that a debtor (customer / client), relocates and still have outstanding invoices with the incorrect (old) address after the Invoice is posted to the ledger.

You may use the Documents Adjustment - option on the context menu (Documents list screen), to change / edit specific fields, such as the reference in the "Your reference" field, "Postal address", Contactperson, "Delivery address" and "Messages" in the Document header. The Tax reference field may also be edited. 

These changes will be reflected on the document layout files, when you print or reprint the document. 

You may change the Salesperson or Document groups Reporting group1 and or Reporting group 2. Salesperson and Document groups may also be changed on the context menu. 

If you use the Documents Adjustment - option on the context menu (Documents list screen), to change select a different Project, the Projects will be changed on the posted "Document entry" screen. The changes on the Projects (Action ribbon) will be as follows:

Documents tab - The Project will move to the changed Project.. 

Transactions tab the transactions will not be changed (moved).