You may create a quote or quotes for a project. 

The Project Quote tab will only be activated, if a Debtor (customer / client) account is selected for the project. 

Quotes may be processed on the Documents tab of a selected project. 

Quotes may also be processed from Documents (Action ribbon). 

The “Quotes” on the Project Quote tab will not be included on the Documents tab of the selected project. 

The “Quotes” on the Project Quote tab will be included as Projects on the “Stock items” and “Statements” reports.

To create a project quote:

1.On the Action ribbon, select Projects.

2.Select a project from the list. 

3.Click on the Project Quote tab.

The Project Quote tab will only be activated, if a Debtor (customer / client) account is selected. 


4.Click on the New button. 


5.Enter a reference in the “Your reference” field.  

The reference number is added to projects and is useful when searching for a specific document or a project. 

6.Check and edit the messages in the “Message” field, if necessary.

7.Select the “Stock item” and check the rest of the fields. 

Additional information may be added to stock items on documents:

Remarks – Add remarks on the + icon before the stock item. 

CommentsF9:Comment to add comments to a stock item. 

8.Click OK to close and save the Quote. The Quote will be added to the Project Quote tab of the selected project.

9.Click on the Yes button to print the quote.


10.After checking or editing the project quote, the “Document entry” screen will be displayed, listing the “Project Quote”.projects-quote-document-entry

11.Click on the Cancel button to close and exit the “Document entry” screen.

These project quotes will not be listed, if the “Document entry” screen is accessed from Documents on the Action ribbon. 

The default document number for  is prefixed with a “D” followed by a 6-digit numerical number; e.g. (“D000001”). The “Project Quote” document number cannot be changed.  

The default document numbers is set to begin with 000001 (prefixed by 2 alphabetical characters IN for Invoices, CR for Credit notes, PU for Purchase documents, SR for Supplier returns documents, OR for Orders and QU for Quotes).  

These document number pre-fixes will automatically be used in Projects if documents are processed from the Documents tab or on the Documents (Action ribbon).