Once a Projects is activated and Project codes are created, purchase documents (Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders) and sales documents (Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes) could be processed as follows:

For a selected Project in Projects (Action ribbon)

Any new documents may also be created (generated) in the Documents (Action ribbon). You may then select the Project code.

If any documents have not yet been posted, you may select and process them in the normal Documents option Documents (Action ribbon). You may then edit them and select a different project.

If the default debtor (customer / client) account is selected for the Project, purchase documents (Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders) and sales documents (Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes) for the Project can only be processed for the default debtor (customer / client) account. The Debtor (customer / client) accounts or Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts screens will not be displayed.

If the “No print confirmation” setting in the Stock information (Setup ribbon) is not selected (not ticked), the confirmation message "Do you wish to Print the Invoice now?" will be displayed. Click on the Yes button to print the Invoice (or on the No button not to print the Invoice at this stage).

To create documents for a selected project:

1.On the Action ribbon, select Projects.

2.Select a project from the list. 

3.Click on the Documents tab.


4.On the “Type” field, select a purchase document (Purchase, Supplier return or Order) or sales documents (Invoice, Credit note or Quote). 

5.Click on the New button.


6.Enter a reference in the “Your reference” field.  

The reference number is added to projects and is useful when searching for a specific document or a project. 

7.Check and edit the messages in the “Message” field, if necessary.

8.Select the “Stock item” and check the rest of the fields. 

Additional information may be added to stock items on documents:

Remarks – Add remarks on the + icon before the stock item. 

CommentsF9:Comment to add comments to a stock item. 

9.Click OK to close and save the Invoice. The Invoice will be added to the Documents tab of the selected project.

10.Click on the Yes button to print the Invoice.


11.After checking or editing the project quote, the “Document entry” screen will be displayed, listing the “Project Quote”.projects-document-entry-select-document

12.Click on the Cancel button to close and exit the “Document entry” screen.