The Documents tab will list all documents processed for the selected debtor (customer / client) account. This includes quotes as well as unposted documents. 

You may print selected documents and print a "Batch type report - Posted batch" report for the transactions generated by a posted document. 


The quote (“D000001”), which was created (processed) in the Project Quote tab (Projects on the Action ribbon), will also be listed. 

The “Project Quote” is linked to the “Layout file point-of-sale” on Documents setup (Setup ribbon). 

You may select a Quote layout file to print “Project Quote” in the correct layout file.

Note if a document, e.g. “D000001” is processed in the Project Quote tab of the selected project, it is included in the “All” document types selection on the “Update ledger” screen. 

The “Show transactions” context menu should not list any transactions on the “Transactions” screen.  

 If you have posted (updated) the ledger using the “All” document types selection on the “Update ledger” screen, these Project Quotes may post incorrect transactions to the ledger.  

Print documents

You may click on the Print (button or double-click) on a selected document to print the document. 

Documents will be printed in the default global layout file as set in Documents setup (Setup ribbon), unless it is set on the Delivery address tab of the debtor (customer / client) account (Debtors on the Action ribbon).

You may select a different layout file, if necessary.   

Show transactions context menu 

Select a posted document on the list, and right-click. The “Show transactions” on the context menu, will list the “Transactions” screen (e.g. Invoice “IN000001”) 


If a quote or an order as well as a unposted document, is selected, the “Transactions” screen will be blank. 

Click on the Print button to view a list of transactions in the “Batch type report – Posted batch”.