Once project are activated, and groups have been added for projects, you may create a new project or projects.

To create a project:

1.Click on Projects (Action ribbon). The “Projects” screen (list view) is displayed:


2.Click on the New button. A new “Project code” 8-digit numerical code, e.g. (“00000001”) will automatically generated. The “Projects” screen will change as follows:


3.Enter or select the following:

a)Code – This Code is automatically generated. When clicking on the New button, it will automatically generate the next Project code.

You may overtype the Project code with your own code. This code may be alpha numerical. Up to 8 characters is recommended.

b)Enabled – This is by default selected (ticked). 

You will not be allowed to close a project (remove the tick in the “Enabled” field) and click on the Save button, if there are any unposted documents.

c)Description – Enter the name or a description for the Project. 

d)Start date – Enter or select a date on which the Project commences.

e)To – Enter or select a date on which the Project ends (should be completed).

f)Status – Select a Project from the list (added / created in Projects (Groups on the Setup ribbon).

g)Budget – Enter the budget (estimated project cost) for the Project.

Budget figures for projects may also be added for selected accounts in Accounts (Action ribbon).

h)Debtor – Select a default debtor (customer / client) account.

If the default debtor (customer / client) account is selected, the Project Quote tab will be added.

You may need to add a default debtor (customer / client) account in Debtor (Action ribbon).

4.Click on the Save button to save the record (Project). The Project will be added to the list.

If the default debtor (customer / client) account is selected, purchase documents (Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders) and sales documents (Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes) for the Project can only be processed for the default debtor (customer / client) account.

To remove a selected default debtor (customer / client) account, click on the Lookup icon on the “Debtor” field and enter a space and close the Lookup screen. The default debtor (customer / client) account as well as the Project Quote tab will be removed.