You need to create Reporting groups for Projects. These Projects may be activated in documents and / or specific batches and documents.

Once the batches and / or documents are posted (updated to the ledger), you may generate various reports for each Projects on the “Sidebar” of Projects (Action ribbon).

If you have created a Set of Books from scratch; using the "Customise your own Set of Books (Advanced)?" option on the Creation Wizard (F10) you need to manually add Group "1000" for Projects in the Types table.

To create Project groups:

1.Click Groups (Setup ribbon). 

2.Click Projects


3.To add a new Project to the root directory or list, select the “REPORTING GROUP ROOT” on the list and click on the New button.

4.Enter the name of your Project (e.g. “Project 1A”) and click on “REPORTING GROUP ROOT”  again.

5.Repeat the process until you have entered all the Projects.

6.Click on the OK button to save your changes and close the “Groups” screen.

You may click on the Print button to print a list of your Projects.

You may set the background and font colours for your projects, if necessary. 

In addition to this, you may create and set colours for up to 2 reporting groups for “Stock group 1”, “Stock group 2”  and / or “Document group 1”, “ Document group 2”.

The next step is to create your projects and link the projects to the Project groups.