In addition to the Project budget (estimated project cost) for the Project, entered in the “Budget” field when a selected project is created and / or edited, budget figures may also be added for selected accounts (Accounts on the Action ribbon).

Add / Edit Budget for selected accounts

To add / edit budget figures for projects: 

1.Click on Accounts (Action ribbon). 

2.Select the Account (or sub-account). 

3.Click on the Budget tab (if not displayed by default).


4.Select the period and enter or edit the existing budget figure, if necessary.  

5.Click on the button to create a new record. 

6.Enter the date and amount. 

Enter a reference and description. This will print on reports.

7.Select the project in the “Project” column.  

8.Click on the button to save the budget record.

9.Repeat the process for each month. 

10.Click on the Save (record button).

11.Click on the Save button. 

12.Repeat the process for all accounts for which you need to enter budgets. 

Print budget figures in the T-Account viewer

1.On the Reports ribbon, select “Ledger analyser 1” or  “Ledger analyser 2.

2.Select the Trial balance, Income statement, Balance sheet or Standard column balances report type.

3.Select (tick) the Budget option.

4.Click on the Report button.

5.Select an account, e.g. “Sales”, and right-click. On the context menu, click the “Show details” option.


6.Click on the Print button.