Some of the screens, themes and periods and tax percentages, for Point-of-Sales, is not in line with the rest of the documentation. 

The printer setup allows you to select and set up to two printers on your system. This setup only needs to be set once, unless you need to change the printers on your system. Before you can actually set and test the printers, the printer drivers and configuration must be properly set up in your Windows™ operating system. You may have to access this screen later, if you wish to select another available printer on your system.

Should you experience any problems with the printer configuration on your system or network, please consult your printer's, operating system's manuals and / or network administrator.

To set and configure Point-of-Sale printer:

1.Once the POS setup is launched, click on the Printer tab. 


2.Select First printer (default), if not already selected), and set the following, if necessary. 

a)Select an available printer on your system, if your operating system's default printer is not the printer which you wish to assign for Point-of-Sale Invoices (till slips). 

b)Select the Paper type. It is recommended that till slip paper should be selected for Point-of-Sale Invoices (till slips). 

c)Click on the Test printers button. A till slip sample displaying the layout alignments (left, centre and right), will be printed. If necessary, set the number of bottom feed lines the printer should feed at the end of the printed invoice. 

d)If you need to assign another printer for Point-of-Sale Invoices (till slips), select the “Use Second printer” field. You then need to click on the Second printer tab to set and test the second printer (see sub-steps b) and c) above). 

3.Select the following POS Invoice printing options: 

a)Confirm printing - If this field is not selected, the POS Invoice will by default automatically be printed after payment is processed. If selected, you need to confirm if the invoice should be printed after payment is processed. If you do not wish to print the POS Invoice at this stage, you may print it later.

b)Use invoice print - Select to print the invoice in the default layout file format selected in the document setup. If not selected, the POS Invoice will by default be printed in the Till slip format

c)Layout file – Select the POS – STARTSP100 for Till slip printers 

All document layout files are stored in the “...\plug_ins\reports\DOCUMENTS\DOCUMENTS” folder. 

You may also select the POS, POS 2 or POS A4 layout files for Point-of-Sale invoices. 

4.Once these settings are finalised, click on the OK button to save your changes. 

5.Click on the Close button to exit this screen.