Some of the screens, themes and periods and tax percentages, for Point-of-Sales, is not in line with the rest of the documentation. 

When you process Point-of-Sale Invoices, the default customer account should normally be a cash customer account, which is selected on Setup → Point-of-Sale - (Settings tab) (Setup ribbon).

You may need to enter a name and postal and / or delivery address for a specific customer, which should be displayed on the POS Invoice. You may also need to select any of your Debtors to charge an Invoice to the Debtor's account, when processing POS Invoices.

To select a Debtor (customer / client) account other than the default Cash sales account:

1.Click on the F5: Customer icon to select a customer. 


2.The “Select customer” screen will be displayed. Select the debtor (customer / client) account on the Debtors lookup. The details of the Debtor (customer / client) account is displayed: 


3.Check that the details are correct or enter any other information (postal address or delivery address, etc.) on this screen, if necessary. 

4.Press the Esc key to close or exit this screen. You may continue to process the invoice for the selected debtor (customer / client) account. 

You may need to access this screen when processing an invoice for a cash customer, and you need to enter a delivery address or wish to enter a postal address, which should be displayed on the specific invoice.