Some of the screens, themes and periods and tax percentages, for Point-of-Sales, is not in line with the rest of the documentation. 

Sometimes a business may issue vouchers, or promotional and discount vouchers, etc. may apply to certain products. When the customer or debtor pays, they may produce vouchers as payment or part of payment for a Point-of-Sale Invoice.

In most cases, the voucher may be presented together with cash, a credit card, cheque or account. In this case you need to enter the amounts received by cash, credit card, cheque or to charge the invoice to a debtor (customer / client) account, and the amount or value of the voucher, if vouchers are presented.

Sufficient control measures should be in place to check that the vouchers are valid and that the vouchers presented are taken out of circulation. These vouchers should balance when you cash up.

To process vouchers payments:

1.Once a Point-of-Sale Invoice is created, click on the F9: Payment icon to process the payment received. 


2.Process the payment received from the customer for his purchases.

3.When the customer hands the vouchers to you, check that the voucher is valid, before accepting the voucher. 


4.Enter the amount of the Voucher in the “Voucher” field. 

5.Enter the Voucher details, as necessary.

If the cash drawer is not open, click on the ^P:Process icon and select the “Open drawer” option. 

6.Click on the Next button to print the Point-of-Sale Invoice, and hand it to the customer.