Some of the screens, themes and periods and tax percentages, for Point-of-Sales, is not in line with the rest of the documentation. 

Once the customer has brought his / her items to the Point-of-Sale terminal, and the transactions are entered (stock items and quantities selected and / or scanned with a barcode scanner), you need to process the payment received from the customer.

The cashier or salesperson should make sure that no counterfeit banknotes are accepted from any customer, before processing the payment. Some businesses use ultra-violet money scanners ("Money detectors") to verify the cash, before it is accepted as payment.

To process cash payments:

1.Once a Point-of-Sale Invoice is created, click on the F9: Payment icon to process the payment received. 


2.The “Payments” screen will display the Invoice amount, e.g. 171.00 in the “Cash” field.


3.Count the cash that the customer hands to you. 

4.Enter the amount received in the “Cash” field. TurboCASH will display the amount of change, which you need to hand to the customer (if the amount received is more than the Point-of-Sale Invoice amount).  For example, the POS Invoice amount is 171.00, and the customer handed 200.00 to you, the “Change” will automatically be displayed as 29.00.

5.In the “Comments” section, of the “Cash” payment screen, enter any serial numbers, remarks or comments, if necessary. 

The comments will be printed on the POS Invoices, Delivery notes or any other Document layout file. 

These comments can also be searched in the Search (Investigator) (Action ribbon).

6.If you need to hand change to the customer, an information message, e.g. “29.00 Change” will be displayed.

If the cash drawer is not open, click on the ^P: Process icon and select the “Open drawer” option.

7.Click on the OK button to open the cash drawer to hand any change to the customer.

8.Click on the Next button to print the Point-of-Sale Invoice, and hand it to the customer.