Some of the screens, themes and periods and tax percentages, for Point-of-Sales, is not in line with the rest of the documentation. 

Introduction to TurboCASH POS

The Point-of-Sales feature allows you to process invoices using barcode scanners, till slip printers, cash drawers, and weight dishes. TurboCASH Point-of-Sales is aimed at users that sell to end users and want to produce invoices or till slips quickly. The aim is to keep the system as simple as possible so TurboCASH deals only with finished goods.

POS Plugins

RetailPOS - Shop - Manual - Point-of-Sales for the retail industry

HORECAPOS - Shop - Point-of-Sales for the Hotel, Cafes, Restaurant and Catering industries.

pos-invoice-entryPOS lookupDelete a selected itemEdit a selected lineSelect customerFloat into / out of the drawerPayments receivedDelete all items in this InvoicePOS Process optionsInvoicingSalesperson's / cashier's name

Overview of POS processing

Once you have completed all the settings, you may start to process the Point-of-Sale Invoices. The Point-of-Sale shift or session works very easy. The basic process is, as follows:

1.On the Action ribbon, access the POS Invoice (Input → POS Invoice menu).  

Once the Point-of-Sale is setup, users may add the Point-of-Sale on the User tab. The User tab will be launched each time a user Open the Set of Books. Click POS Invoice on the User tab.

2.Select the Salesperson or Cashier (if not already selected) and click on the OK button. If a password was set, you need to enter a valid password for the salesperson and click on the OK button. 

3.Enter the Float amount which you need to keep in your cash drawer. 

4.Start to process your invoices - only need to select the items from your stock code file (or use a barcode scanner) to add the items into the invoice. 

5.Once all the items are entered for a customer, and the payment is handed to you, you need to process the payment. Continue with this process until the end of the day or the Point-of-Sale shift. 

6.Cash up to count the cash, credit card slips, cheques and vouchers and enter the values in TurboCASH. You may generate a Cash up report which will be used to display any shortages or surpluses, if any. The money for the float can be set and the monies received may be deposited at your bank account. 

7.Close the POS shift to update (post) the POS Invoices to the ledger. 

The Point-of-Sale invoice will automatically be printed to the printers selected and set in Point-of-Sale - (Printers tab) (Setup ribbon) when the payment for each customer is processed. You may at any time re-print the POS Invoice in Documents - Invoices (Action ribbon).

Should you need to deliver the goods to the customers, at a later stage, you should enter the delivery address in the “Select customer” field, before the payment for the POS Invoice is processed. You may then also print delivery notes in in Documents - Invoices (Action ribbon) by selecting the Delivery notes layout file.