The Creditor - Orders per period - Quantities report displays the Stock code, Stock description, Quantities, Cost prices for each creditor (supplier / vendor) account.

This report only includes Orders which are posted and / or confirmed. Unconfirmed (open) Orders will be NOT be included in this report.

Report options

To print a Creditor - Orders per period - Quantities report

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Purchases → Orders → Creditor


2.Select the following:

a)Period - Select the period on the Per period tab. You may click on the Free selection tab to select a specific date or a range of dates.

b)From account ...To account - Select a creditor (supplier / vendor) account or a range of creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts, to include in the report. 

c)Sequence - Select "Creditor code" to print the report by account code or "Description" to print the report by account description (name).

d)New page per account - If this option is selected (ticked), it will print the transactions for each account on a new page.

The Company details will not be printed as in the Page header. The company name is displayed in the Page footer.

3.Click on the OK button.

Printed example : Creditors - Orders per period - Quantities

An example of the "Creditors - Orders per period - Quantities" report, is as follows: