Allocate and link transactions in batches

By default, the "Open item selection" screen will be launched when allocating credit transactions (e.g. payments received or credit notes, etc.) to debit transactions (e.g. Invoices, Credit notes, and other debit transactions such as interest on overdue accounts, charge amounts, fixed amounts, etc.).  

It will list all the transactions with outstanding amounts. You need to select the specific invoice or transaction for which, you are receiving the payment.

Should you have any Open item debtors, an "Open item selection" screen will appear, listing all debit transactions, as well as the outstanding balances of transactions for the debtor you have selected in the account field, if this debtor (customer / client) account is created as an Open item debtor. 


You may select (tick) the “Not open item batch” field (F10:Setup - “Options for this batch” - Advanced tab) to de-activate the open item feature in batches

After entering the receipts (deposits) in the Receipts journal, the transactions will be displayed as follows: 


If a transaction for a debtor in the receipts journal is linked to an transaction on the "Open item selection" screen, the transaction will be displayed in a peach background colour.