The "Open item link" for a specific ledger account, debtor (customer / client) account or a creditor (supplier / vendor) account may be opened with a double-click from the Totals tab or the Transactions tab on Open item link.


Accounts which contains unlinked (unmatched) transactions, will be listed in an orange font or row colour on the Totals tab (if the "Show colours" option is selected).

Icon options

The icons on the "Open item link" screen of a selected account:


Clear links 

This option will clear links according to the options you select. 

If you click on the Clear links icon, a confirmation message will be displayed:

Warning, if you click yes you will lose all your current links for this account!

If you click on the Yes button of the confirmation message, the "Clear links options" screen is displayed: 


Generate BBF

This option will clear all the open item links, and generate the ageing as balance brought forward account for a selected debtor or creditor account. This will display the confirmation message:

Warning, if you click yes you will lose all your current links for this account!

If you click on the Yes button of the confirmation message, the "Generate Balance BF options" screen is displayed: 



This option allows you to unlink a selected transaction (a receipt or credit note, which is linked to an invoice in the case or a debtor, or a payment or supplier return linked to a purchase transaction in the case of a creditor).


Select (tick) the debit and credit transaction(s) to be linked. You then need to click on the Process icon. A screen “Enter amount” may be displayed on which you need to confirm or over-type the amount, if necessary. Any linked transaction(s) will be removed from the debit or credit sections of the “Open item link” screen. 


Click to view the selected debtor or creditor account in a statement layout with the ageing labels (e.g. Current, 30 days, 60 days, etc.). You may select the dates from which and until which date to include items.


Close the "Open item link" screen for the selected account and return to Totals tab or the Transactions tab of the Open item link main screen.


This will export the transactions as filtered or displayed on the "Open item link" screen to an export file, which may be opened in a spreadsheet. You may select the file type as the default; Text (Export.txt) file or a Comma separated value (Export.csv) file.

Context menu processing options

In the "Debit" (top half) or "Credit" (bottom half) section of the selected account, right-click on a selected transaction on the list, to launch the context menu for the following processing options:


When the Statement option is selected for an account, only the "Unlink" option will be available.

Filter options 

You may apply the following options to filter transactions: