Switching to other programs on your desktop

Sometimes you may work in TurboCASH and in other programs, such as word processors or spreadsheets at the same time. Instead of minimising TurboCASH using the Minimise button on the Title bar and restoring another program from the Windows Taskbar, you may easily switch to another program as follows:

1.Press the Alt-Tab keys simultaneously on your keyboard and the following screen, listing all the active programs on the Windows Taskbar, is displayed:


2.Repeat releasing and pressing the Tab key until the desired program is selected.

3.While keeping the Alt key down you may release the Tab key and press it again to select the next program.

4.Release the Alt-Tab keys and the selected program will be restored and ready to work in.

Windows 10 - Task View and Multiple Desktops

The Task View feature in Windows 10 may be used to work in TurboCASH and other programs in multiple Desktops.  On the Windows 10 Taskbar, click on the windows-taskbar-icon-task-view Task View icon.


All the opened programs on your Desktop will be listed. You may right-click on a selected program, and move the selected program to a new desktop or an existing desktop. The desktops will display only those active programs in the Windows Taskbar.