TurboCASH - Installation directory errors 

Getting TurboCASH installed is the hardest part of the program and the biggest stumbler. I find is users choosing not to follow the default install directories. We have to give you the option to install any where, but install anywhere does not include the Program Files Directory. 

Commonly I get asked:
"I am unable to start on the application as it is asking for user name and password. "


Don't install TurboCASH in C:\Program Files use the default C:\tcash5 

I have found that the leading installation problem with Windows users is that users choose a different installation target file from the Default C:\tcash5

TurboCASH uses the Firebird SQL data base to store transaction data. This means that TurboCASH itself must run and write to the same Directory system. When Firebird cannot execute TurboCASH generates the (username and password error). The default username and password for Firebird is sysdba masterkey

By default all our live sets of books are kept in c:\tcash5\books This installing to a proprietary directory is common amongst most Accounting Systems. Accounting vendors do this because it is a tradition that precedes Windows. We were here first and hundreds of thousands of users worked like this before Windows changed the rules. This configuration makes our programs more portable and they can simply be copied to new machines and don't have to be reinstalled.

Open Set of Books - Password errors 

The "Login" with the "sysdba" username screen will be displayed in some cases: 


The most common error if the "Login" with the "sysdba" username screen will be displayed if you click on the OK button.


The "Login" with the "sysdba" username will be displayed, if: 

Active Set of Books - A Set of Books opened, is already busy with another process, e.g. active (opened) in another copy of TurboCASH4 or TurboCASH5. Close the active (opened) Set of Books in other copies of TurboCASH. Reopen the Set of Books. 

Unavailable Set of Books on Network - The Set of Books is not available - If it is stored on a network drive (and the network drive is down), check your network settings. Once the network connection is solved, reopen the Set of Books. 

Unavailable Set of Books on External drive - The Set of Books is not available on an external drive. Connect or mount the external drive, reopen the Set of Books. 

FlameRobin connection - The Set of Books is connected (active) in FlameRobin. If the Set of Books in FlameRobin is disconnected, reopen the Set of Books.  

Firebird installations - If you have already installed Firebird and installed it incorrectly, or installed a different version of Firebird, similar errors trying to open a Set of Books may occur. Uninstall Firebird and reinstall Firebird correctly. 

Also see - Open Set of Books 

Blue - Font colour 

This indicates that a Set of Books is not located in the TCASH5 or other directory where TurboCASH5 is installed, (but elsewhere on your system).

Red - Font colour

This indicates that a Set of Books (elsewhere on your system) is deleted or the Set of Books folder is moved somewhere else on your system. It may also indicate that the drive or network on which the Set of Books is stored, is not available or mounted.