Launches the context-sensitive Help file. You may press F1 to launch the help file from most screens and fields to launch the topic relating to that screen or field. 

An updated Online Help will be available at TurboCASH5 Online Help

The TurboCASH5 installation file is available for download at sourceforge.

Accounting Made Easy 

A hands-on tutorial to work with TurboCASH5.

Rekeningkunde met Gemak 

A hands on tutorial and reference in Afrikaans based on the Accounting Made Easy book. 

To access the Help menu:

1.On the Action ribbon, select Help.


2.The following eight (8) options is available:

a)Help - Launch the TurboCASH Help System where you may locate topics on TurboCASH5.

b)About TurboCASH - View the version and release date of the program and the version of your Operating System.

c)Support - View contact information of TurboCASH or go to the Support page via the Internet.

d)Show Welcome - By default, the "Welcome to TurboCASH" screen displays the website. If the "Welcome to TurboCASH" screen is not displayed, it will launch the "Welcome to TurboCASH" screen. 

e)Online registration - Register the TurboCASH program.

f)Forum - Please visit our Forum to find solutions or to post comments, etc.

g)Webshop - Please visit our webshop. 

h)Bug report - View, search and report any bugs on our bug-tracking system at Sourceforge.