TurboCASH5 (  

Tuesday, 28 December 2021 - 17:58:56 

The TurboCASH5 installation file is available for download at sourceforge.

Accounting Made Easy 

A hands-on tutorial to work with TurboCASH5.

Rekeningkunde met Gemak 

A hands on tutorial and reference in Afrikaans based on the Accounting Made Easy book. 

Some unlimited features in the basic version of TurboCASH, are: 


Cash books (bank accounts) 

Debtors (Customers / clients)

Creditors (Suppliers / vendors)


Stock items / Inventory items 

Batch entry / Journal entry  

Documents (sales documents - i.e. quotes / invoices / credit notes) and (purchase documents - i.e. orders / purchases / supplier returns). 

Open item processing 

Ledger analyser (Trial balance, income statement, balance sheet, budget listing, budget vs actual, this year vs last year, standard column balances). You may export any of these reports to a spreadsheet. In addition to this, you may view and export ledger / debtor / creditor column  balances to spreadsheets, etc.

Reports for ledger, debtors, creditors, stock, sales, purchases, sales analysis, purchase analysis, documents, graphs, etc.  

T-Account viewer 

Reporting groups - up to 2 reporting groups for ledger accounts, debtors, creditors, stock and documents.

Unlimited Sets of Books 

Backup / Restore 


Calendar (Agenda, contacts and tasks) (Multi-user Calendar Plugin) 


Cost centres - up to 2 cost centre groups, etc.