This option allows you to create an order for a default supplier 1 of specific stock items (products) account (as selected for a specific stock item (Stock items on the Action ribbon)) from the Invoices, Quotes and Orders document types.

If you have selected Documents Create purchases on default supplier1 on the context menu of the "Documents list" screen; and no default supplier 1 have been added in the "Preferred supplier 1" field for the Stock item included in the document(s) selected stock item, an error message will be displayed. 

"3DRILL Drill press No default supplier 1 for these stock items! Please correct first!" (where "3DRILL Drill press" is the stock code and stock description, as per this example).

Click on the OK button and correct it in the Stock items (Action ribbon) for the stock item, if necessary.

Preferred supplier setting


Create Orders for preferred supplier 1

To create orders for preferred supplier 1:

1.Select the "Invoices" or "Quotes" document type.

2.Right-click and select Documents Create purchase on default supplier 1 option on the context menu. A new Order for the default (preferred) supplier account will be created. 

Note the Supplier stock code will be displayed in the "Item no." field of "Document entry" screen, if entered in the "Supplier stock code" field. 

The original Stock code will still print on document layout files.