By default, only a summary of the documents is listed on the "Document list" screen. You may select to show the details of the items, quantities and comments added to documents. When a document is selected or the scrolled on the list, the details will be displayed.   

To show or hide the details on a selected document: 

1.On the Action ribbon, select Documents (Documents list), select the Document type, if the correct document type is not selected.

2.Right-click anywhere on the "Document list" screen or on a selected document. On the context menu, select the Others → Show details option. 


3.When a document is selected, it will display the details of the document. 


The the details will display the following:

Name of debtor (customer / client) or Creditor (supplier)

Document number

Stock item description


Price (Inclusive of tax)

Comments (if entered)

The details will be displayed until the Set of Books is closed. 

Remarks entered for selected stock items in Documents will not be displayed in the Others → Show details option on the context menu of the "Documents list" screen.


It will be printed on the document layout file. 


To turn the Show details off:

Right-click and select the Others → Hide option on the context menu.