Create an Order from a selected Invoice or Quote. The "Creditor accounts" list screen will be displayed on which you need to select a creditor (supplier / vendor) account. This will add the converted Invoice or Quote as a new document to the list of Orders. You may edit the Order and then confirm (convert) the Order to a Purchase document.

The context menu option will only be available for the Invoices document type.

To convert invoice(s) to order(s):

1.Select the "Invoices" document type.

Convert invoice to order 

This option is also available for the "Quotes" document type. You may convert a Quote to an Order. 

2.Select the document(s) to convert.

3.Right-click and select Documents Convert invoice to order option on the context menu. A confirmation message will be displayed.

"Do you wish to continue?"

4.Click on the Yes button to continue. The "Creditor accounts" screen is displayed:


5.The Order(s) will be available as unposted if the Orders document type is selected.

Edit orders converted from invoices


You need to check and edit the following, if needed:

Date - The system date, will by default, be displayed. You may edit it, if necessary. 

Delivery address - The delivery address of the debtor (customer / client) account will be copied as in the document header section of the source Invoice. You may need to edit these fields. The contactperson will be available on the list for the debtor (customer / client) account.

Message - The Invoice message in line 1 content will automatically be inserted after the Order message in line 1. For this to make sense, you need to edit or remove the Invoice message in the first 2 message lines.

Message line 3 - The source Invoice number will be copied as as a reference (e.g. "Ref:IN000019") to track the original source Invoice which was converted to an Order.

Amounts - The selling prices; on the source Invoice will be converted to the cost prices; and the Output Tax will be converted to the Input Tax  for the items converted to the Order. You may need to edit or change it to the purchase prices, if necessary.