Right-click to display the following context menu:
documents-list-screenStart ribbonAction ribbonReports ribbonSetup ribbonUser tab ribbonSelect document typesDebtor (customer / client) accountsCreditor (supplier / vendor accountsStock items (Inventory items)Batches (Journals)Reconciliation (Cashbook transactions)Open item linkContactpersonsCalendar (Planner)AccountsUpdate (Post) documentsHelp menuEdit menuInput menuCentral search (Investigator)Esport documentsChange SalespersonsChange Document reporting groupsDocuments context menuPrint barcodes or labelsCopy documentsCreate purchase on default supplierConcert invoice to orderConvert invoice to credit noteRedo discount on documentEdit accountCreate backordersCopy document to Order, Purchase, Supplier return, Quote, Invoice or Credit note.Adjust edit address and some fields on posted documents.Create account from document detailsSelect document typesFilter document status, posted, unposted, confirmed or openFilter optionsFilter optionsSelect layout filesSingle line modeNumber and totals of documents matching your filter and search criteriaUser nameName of the opened (active) Set of BooksFull path where the opened (active) Set of Books is storedCopy to orderCopy to PurchaseCopy to Supplier returnCopy to QuoteCopy to InvoiceCopy to Credit noteCreate a new documentEdit a selected documentPrint selected document(s)

The context menu options, is as follows:

1.Salesperson – Change the Salesperson (as added in the Salesperson; or Groups - Salespersons on the (Setup ribbon).

2.Set reporting group 1 – Change the reporting group of a document, if Reporting group 1 was set for Documents (as added in the Groups - Document groups 1 on the Setup ribbon).

The colours of the rows (list of documents) will be changed, if set in Reporting group 1.   

3.Set reporting group 2 – Change the reporting group of a document, if Reporting group 2 was set for Documents (as added in Groups - Document group 2 on the Setup ribbon).

4.Documents - The "Documents" context menu option on the "Document list" screen changes for the document type selected. Depending on whether a posted document; or an unposted document is selected; some context menu options may not be available, or additional specific context menu options may be added. 


a)Print barcodes – This will print only the barcodes of stock item codes included on selected document(s).

b)Print labels – This will only print the name (account description) of a debtor customer / client on a selected sales document. In the case of a purchase document, it will print the name (account description) of the creditor (supplier / vendor).


a)Import – This option allows you to import an exported document from a valid existing export.txf file. TurboCASH Data Exchange files are exported (created) in Export - Documents (Setup ribbon).

b)Totals – This will list a summary of the Exclusive, Inclusive, Open amounts and the records on an "Information" screen.

The results may be selected and copied to any other text editor or other external program. 

c)Show details – This will display a mouse-over screen displaying the details (i.e. account description,  document number, stock description, quantity and amount (inclusive of tax) of the selected document.  

d)Open item link – This will launch the "Open item link" screen displaying the transactions of the debtor (customer / client) or creditor (supplier / vendor) account on a selected document. 

Only available for Invoices / Purchases document type.

This option is not available for other document types (Quotes, Credit notes, Orders and Supplier return documents).

7.Plugins – Launch some actions, if plugins are activated.

8.Mass plugins – Launch the mass actions (multiple actions), if plugins are activated and supported.

The Plugins will be discussed in separate documentation.