Once documents are setup and configured, the process to create documents consists basically of the following easy steps:

1.Access the one of the six (6) document types (i.e. Invoices (default), Credit notes, Quotes, Purchases, Supplier returns or Orders) if the correct one is not displayed. 

2.Click on the New button.

3.Select the Debtor (customer / client) accounts / Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts.

4.The "Document entry" screen for the selected document type and Debtor / Creditor will be displayed. All the relevant details as entered and set in the Debtor / Creditor account and Messages, etc. in the "Document setup" screen will be displayed.

5.Select the Item code. The default selling price or purchase price will be displayed. Enter the quantities, if the default 1 is not applicable.

6.Click on the OK button and print the document (Invoice)

7.Post the document to the ledger.