You may delete a debtor (customer / client) account if the account has no transactions and / or balances. 

You may disable a debtor (customer / client) account to block (prevent) posting of any documents or batch transactions for the debtor (customer / client). You may need to do this, if you are no longer doing business with the debtor (customer / client), or if the account is overdue, etc.

To delete a Debtor (customer / client) account:

1.On the "Debtor accounts" list screen, select the account.

If you wish to delete more than one (1) debtor (customer / client) account at a time, press the Ctrl key and keep it down while selecting the other debtor (customer / client) accounts to delete with a mouse click.

2.Click on the Delete button. A confirmation message is displayed.  

"Are you sure you want to delete this account?"

Make sure absolutely sure that the correct debtor (customer / client) account is selected.

3.Click on the Yes button. A confirmation message is displayed:

"Account deleted!"

4.Click on the OK button. This will permanently remove the debtor (customer / client) account. 

To disable a Debtor (customer / client) account:

1.If the debtor (customer / client) account has transactions and / or balances, you cannot delete it. A similar error message, is displayed: 

"1MDAVI Mr. Mike Davies      
This account has balances, cannot be deleted!"              

2.Click on the OK button. To block posting of any documents or batch transactions for the debtor (customer / client), click on the Edit button and Accounting information tab. 

3.Select (tick) the "Account disabled" field.

4.Click on the Save button.