This tab will list all backorders for the debtor (customer / client) account. Backorders will automatically be listed here when processing documents or added / edited from the following options: 

When processing invoices in Input → Documents menu on the Action ribbon, and the debtor (customer / client) orders more than is actually invoiced, it will be recorded in the backorder feature.

An example where the quantity entered in the “Order” field is more than the quantity entered in the “Ship” field, is as follows:An example where the quantity entered in the quantity “Order” field is more than the quantity entered in the quantity "Ship” field, is as follows:


You may also click on the Backorder icon to edit backorders when processing invoices and quotes. 

For Quotes and Orders the Add to backorder icon may be a available.

The insufficient quantities (e.g. 10 – 1 = 9, as per this example) will be added to the backorder feature. The following options are available to manage (view / add / edit / delete) backorders from the Action ribbon:

1.Stock items (Backorders tab) – List of backorders for the selected stock item.  

2.Debtors (Backorders tab) – List of backorders for the selected debtor (customer / client) account.  

3.Input → Backorders – List of backorders for all stock items.


You may click on the column headings (i.e. Stock item, Items, Discount, Stock, Referral source, Selling price, Price and Exp.Selected) to change the sort sequence from the ascending to the descending sequence. 

You may also click and drag any of the column headings to the left or right to change the sequence in which the columns are to be displayed. 

You may also add a new backorder, edit an existing backorder or delete a backorder. 

You may click on the following buttons to manage backorders for the stock item: 

New - Select a stock item to add a new backorder to the debtor (customer / client) account.

Edit - Edit a selected backorder record. 

Delete - Remove an selected backorder record.

Refresh - Refresh the backorder records.


If the "Backorders" screen is launched from Input → Documents → Backorders, both the Debtor as well as the "Stock item" will be displayed. You may select them, if necessary. 

Click on the New button to add a new backorder item or on the Edit button to edit a selected backorder. The fields are as follows:

Stock item – The stock item code and description will be displayed for existing backorders. For new backorders, select the stock item.

Items – The quantity is automatically displayed as the difference of the quantity entered in the “Order” field and the quantity entered in the “Ship” field of documents. For new backorders, enter the quantity.

Recalculate selling price  – This button will clear the Discount percentage and recalculate the Selling price to the original selling price (Price). 

Selling price and Price – This is the prices per item. The Selling price is the amount after the discount percentage and the Price is the price excluding any discount. 

The Selling price and Price displayed is the prices for a single item.  

Discount – The Discount will be displayed if the percentage is entered on the “Customer discount” field on the Accounting information tab of the debtor (customer / client) account and the “Apply invoice discount” field is selected (ticked) on Stock items (Action ribbon)

Stock – ("Exp.Selected" column on the Backorders tab – List view). This is the quantity of stock items on hand. The quantities in this column will be updated if: 

oDocuments are posted (updated) to the ledger (e.g. credit notes, purchases and supplier returns).     

oStock item adjustments – If the quantities “On Hand” field is updated / changed on the Action → Stock items screens. 

Referral Source – This will automatically be updated with the Invoice number in which the quantity entered in the “Order” field is more than the quantity entered in the “Ship” field. 

When processing a new Invoice for a debtor (customer / client) account (with Backorders), the "Backorders" screen is automatically displayed: 


If you select an item (tick the "Selected" field), the following is updated:

Transferred to the Document Line.

Removed from the backorder records and reports.

When processing Invoices and you select the Stock item on backorder, the "Invoicing" screen, the "Backorders" screen is displayed:


If you select this item, the entry will be removed from the backorder records and reports.