The "Creditor listing  - Contacts" report will list the Name of the Contact, Telephone 1 / 2 and the creditor (supplier / vendor) account code and name (description) linked to the contact.

Report options

To print a Creditor listing - Contacts report:

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Creditors → Listing.  The "Contacts" report options is displayed:


2.Select the following: 

a)From ... To... - Select a creditor (supplier / vendor) account or a range of creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts, to include in the report.

b)Sequence - Select "First Name, Name (Surname), Creditor code" or "Description" to print the report details in the order (sort) in which you wish to display the data.

c)Reporting group 1 - Select a reporting group or more reporting groups. The report will only be printed for those creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts linked to the selected Creditor reporting group 1.

3.Click on the OK button. 

Printed example : Contact list - Creditors

An example of the "Contacts list - Creditors" report, is as follows: