You may add, delete or enter contact persons for the creditor (supplier / vendor). A list of all contact persons linked to the selected creditor (supplier / vendor) account, you have created, edited or deleted, in the following menus:

Calendar (Action ribbon).

Contacts (Action ribbon).

All contacts for debtor (customers / client) accounts as well as creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts will be listed in the Reports → Contacts (Reports ribbon)

To list only the contacts for debtor (customer / client) accounts, you need to print it in Reports → Debtors → Listing - Contacts

To list only the contacts for creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts, you need to print it in Reports → Creditors → Listing - Contacts

Deleted contact persons will be removed from this list.


This will display the First Name, Name, Address, Address 2, Address 3, Phone 1, Phone 2, Fax and E-mail address.  

If you click on the Delete button, the selected Contact(s) will be permanently deleted (removed) without any confirmation message. 

 If contact is deleted from the Contacts on the Calendar or  Contacts on the Action ribbon, a confirmation message will be displayed.