Once transactions in batches and documents have been posted (updated) to the ledger, you may print various reports. 

Financial reports - Ledger analyser 

1.Trial balance 

2.Income statement 

3.Balance sheet 

4.Standard column Balances 

5.Budget vs actual 

6.This year vs last year 

In addition to the these financial reports in the Ledger analyser, other reports may also be printed for a selected cost centres. 

Reallocate / edit posted transactions to other cost centres in the T-Account viewer.


Budget listing reports 

Budget in the listing in the Trial balance, Income statement, Balance sheet (Ledger analyser).

Reallocate / edit budget figures for cost centres in the following options:

Accounts (Action ribbon)

T-Account viewer

Budget performance reports 

1.Budget vs actual (T-ledger analyser).

2.Budget vs actual (3 periods) report (reports menu). 

Batch type reports 

Cost centres are included in the "Description" columns of batch type reports.

Batch type report - Unposted batches

The Batch type report - Unposted batches - Click F8:List on a batch entry screen. This will list the transactions processed in a batch, before the batch is posted (updated) to the ledger.

It is important to check the transactions thoroughly before posting the batch. If there are any errors, you may edit the batch before posting the batch. 

Batch type report - Posted batches 

Cost centres are included in the "Description" columns of posted batch reports and may be printed for selected batches and / or documents (on the Action ribbon) from the following options:

1.Batch entry - Posted batches tab. 

2.Debtors / Creditors - Documents tab and Transaction tab.

Transaction reports 

The following transaction reports, may be printed for Cost centres: 

1.Ledger - Transactions - Standard 

2.Ledger - Transactions - Extra Details 

3.Debtor - Transactions - Standard 

4.Debtor - Transactions - Extra Details 

5.Creditor - Transactions - Standard 

6.Creditor - Transactions - Extra Details 

Outstanding - Due date reports

1.Debtors - Outstanding - Due date 

2.Creditor - Outstanding - Due date