The "Copy account" context menu option allows you to create a copy of a selected creditor (supplier / vendor) account. 

To copy a selected creditor (supplier / vendor) account:

1.On the "Creditors" list, select a creditor (supplier / vendor) account.

2.Right-click and select the "Copy account" option on the context menu. 


3.This will create a copy of the of the selected creditor (supplier / vendor) account. 


4.Enter the Creditor code. 

The next Creditor code (e.g. C00007, etc.), will automatically be generated. It is important to prefix Creditor codes with a unique prefix. In this documentation, the accounts is prefixed as follows:

Debtor code = 1 

Creditor code = 2

The reason for this, is that the account prefix is not always available when selecting accounts on some screens and reports. For example, if a Debtor code is D00001 and a Creditor code is C00001, and you select the Debtor code, it may set the Creditor code when selecting the contra account in the "Options for this batch" (F10:Setup) on "Batch entry" screens. 

5.Edit the copied fields, where necessary. 

Note the following:

The contact person is not copied on the new account. 

On the Accounting information tab, all the terms and conditions (e.g. Due days, Credit limit, Charge amount, etc.) is copied.  

No information is copied on the Contacts, Appointment, Documents, Transactions, Bank accounts, and Stock items tabs.