Once the debtor (customer / client) accepts the Quote, it can then be confirmed and converted to an Invoice. Once a Quote is confirmed and converted to an Invoice, you may need to edit the Invoice, before you update (post) the Invoice to the ledger.

The debtor (customer / client) may, when accepting the Quote, not accept all the items on the Quote, or may add some more items on the Quote. In this case, you may edit the Quote (Documents) (Action ribbon), before you confirm the Quote and convert it to an Invoice.

If you have already confirmed a Quote and converted it to an Invoice, and there are still any discrepancies in the Quote, for example the correct quantities of goods accepted, you may edit the Invoice (Documents) (Action ribbon), before you update (post) the Invoice to the ledger.

If you did not edit the Invoice (converted Quote), you will then need to process a Credit note to correct the updated (posted) Invoice with the incorrect amounts and quantities.

To confirm and convert a Quote to an Invoice:

1.On the Action ribbon, select Edit → Confirm (Shift + F3).


2.Select Quotes in the "Document type" field. The screen will change to reflect Quotes, Invoices and Debtors, and a list of the Quotes.

By default, only the open and unconfirmed Quotes will be listed. To list the confirmed (Quotes already confirmed and converted to Invoices) select (tick) the "Show posted" field.

3.Select the Quotes to be confirmed and converted to Invoices. Click on the Add selected button. The selected Quotes will be transferred to the "Quotes to convert to invoice" section of the screen.

4.Enter or select the Date on which the Quotes was accepted, if necessary.

By default, the system date is displayed. You may select (tick) the "Use document date" option. The Quotes will be converted to Invoices using the original document date.

5.Click on the Convert button. A confirmation message is displayed:

 "Do you wish to delete all Quotes?

6.Click on the Yes button to convert the Quotes to Invoices and to delete the Quotes. 

If you click on the No button, the selected Quotes will still be confirmed and converted to Invoices. These Quotes will still be available to edit. 

You may delete the Quotes manually in Edit → Delete → Documents menu on the Action ribbon.

7.The Quotes will be removed from the "Quote to convert to invoice" list, and will be ready to be edited in the Invoices document type on the "Document list" screen.

8.Click on the Cancel button, or press the Esc key on your keyboard, to close or exit this screen.

You may also search for a specific Quote by entering the Quote number, and click on the Search button. 

You may also select a specific Debtor (customer / client) account by clicking on the Select debtor button. The screen will change from the list of available Quotes to the lookup for Debtor (customer / client) accounts. (It also includes Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts).


Select the Debtor (customer / client) account and click on the OK button. The screen will change to the normal screen and the available Quotes will be displayed.