To add (create) a contact: 

1.Click on the Contacts icon (if the "Contacts" screen is not displayed). 

2.To create a new contact, simply right-click on any area of the "Contacts" screen. On the context menu, select the "Add contact..." option. The "Untitled - Contact" screen is displayed: 


3.Enter a Name for the contact. This Name will be displayed in the title bar, and on the "Contact" screen once this contact is saved. 

4.Enter the title, address, city, state zip / postal code, country, company, position, and select the category of the contact (business, clients, family, other or personal). 

5.Click on the Telephone tab. The following screen is displayed: 


6.Enter up to two telephone numbers, a fax number and an e-mail address, if available / applicable. You may also enter two additional fields for the following: 

a)Number for - select one of the following: Mobile, Other, (phone), Other Fax, Pager, Primary, Radio, Telex, TTY/TDD, Work or Work Fax, then enter the number for the selected option. 

b)Number for - select one of the following: Assistant (default), Call-back, Car, Company, Home, Home Fax, IDSN or Mobile, then enter the number for the selected option. 

7.Once finished entering the necessary details, click on the Notes tab, if you need to enter additional information for the contact.  

8.Click on the OK button.