This option allows you to use the calculator to perform certain calculations for you, and to transfer results into the amount fields the TurboCASH program.

To access the Calculator:

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Calculator (Ctrl + F4). 


The Calculator's buttons may also be launched from the Credit limit and Charge amount fields of the Accounting information tab of debtor (customer / client) and creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts.

2.You may do your calculations. Once a calculation has been completed, the result may be transferred to the input field by entering the result into the required field of the screen.

3.To close (exit) the Calculator, click on the Close button on the title bar.

Normal addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be done respectively, using the + - * / keys. Square roots, percentage calculations, etc. can also be performed.

You may enter the figures and operator keys by clicking on them with the mouse on the screen or pressing the relevant keys on the keyboard.

You may press the Backspace key Back button to clear a digit on the result.