To print a list of budgets in the T-Account viewer:

1.If the "Budget" option is selected on the Trial balance, Income statement, Balance sheet and Standard column balances report types in the Ledger analyser 1 or Ledger analyser 2, you may right-click and select the "Show details" option. This will display the budget figures in the T-Account viewer


2.Select the dates from and to to include in the budget figures, if necessary. 

The Batch number is displayed as "0", to indicate that this is a budget listing.

3.Click on the Print button. 

The printed budget figures in the T-Account viewer, should display as follows:


Export button 

You may click on the Export button of the T-Account viewer to export the transactions to a spreadsheet. 

You may select to save the export file as Text files (*.txt) (default file type); or as CSV files (*.csv) (Comma Separated Values) file type. This will automatically open (launch) the exported file in the program associated with the selected file type:

oText files e.g. (Export.txt) - This should automatically open the exported text file of your system's default text file program associated with Text file type (*.txt) file types (e.g. Notepad, etc). You need to close the exported text file and launch your spreadsheet program. In your spreadsheet program, Open the text file to launch the "Text Import" options.

oCSV files e.g. (Export.csv) - This should automatically open the "Text Import" options of your system's default spreadsheet program associated with Comma Separated Value file type (*.csv) file types (e.g. Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc, Ultra Office, etc.).